Monday, May 16, 2005


I had for download 2 MIA songs...Pull Up The People and U.R.A.Q.T., but as you can see they are not linked anymore because my Geocities stash was giving me problems and there was some Anon bugger who made a fuss about me sharing her music. He did have a point though, so check later posts to download samples.

I don't think it's entirely legal offering her music for download like this but no one I know in Sri Lanka has heard her and I thought it would be good to share a few songs. A friend of mine coming in from New York soon is trying to pick up a copy of her CD Arular for me. If I do get it I will hopefully grab and upload.

MIA at Amoeba Records in San Fran
(sometimes the image might not show because of the same problem with Geocities)

The image was sent to me by my cousin in SF who was there at the show.

For those of you who do not know, MIA is a artist of Sri Lankan origin who's been making quite a stir in the US.

Her name's Mathangi 'Maya' Arulapragasam and she's the daughter of former EROS member Arul Pragasam a.k.a. Arular. Here's a link to a page on that has some excerpts from Narayan Swami's book 'Tigers of Lanka: From Boys to Guerillas' which has a few lines about Arular. Yes, just in case you're wondering why some music is on Nittewa, this is why. It's just a matter of time before she becomes a much-talked-about-person in Colombo. Some people claim that her music is pro-LTTE and pro-terrorism and all kinds of shit like that. But from I have heard she seems perfectly alright. But then, people are bigots anyway. I think some funky pro-LTTE hip hop would be bloody good :)

Here's MIA's official site.

I assure you there will be more posts on this in the future.

If you want a lot more info and debate on her you can check out SepiaMutiny which has been following her all over the place.

I downloaded the fist song : it has a wonderful + original flavour. I totally agree with you., MIA is going to make her mark not only in SL but in the UK music scene.
And it seeems that your site has exeeded the bandwidth limit. It didn't allow me to download the second song!
You better try It is a free host with "unlimited" bandwidth.
OK Morq - how about NOT ripping of this artist. I know we are all a bit starved in SL for the latest of this that & the other but really - show a little restraint. Just direct people to their relatives in England or the US or her website. Let them ask for a CD or DVD to be sent out. Not Cool man - not cool at all.

Also - are you sure about the EROS connection? This has not appeared in any of the press releases on MIA - have you done your homework?

I've heard the LP - it's quite frankly really good. Worth buying, worth supporting a Tamil artist who has risen above the mindless tradgedy that is SL.

So Morq - BUY THE LP.
Hey Anon,

Leave your name if you want to be taken seriously.

And for chrissake google 'Arular' before you ask me if I've done my homework.
I don't know what the whole story is about, all I know is that this music is the fucking bollocks. This girl, I don't know, she seems to me like quite a stirrer and her music is special beyong definition. I downloaded her music and abolutely think I will buy her CD or go to her concerts. I have no words to express how much I have enjoyed her music.
Here is a link to what Amnesty International has to say about the Sri Lanka conflict.
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