Saturday, May 14, 2005

Police Record

How many of y'all here know that cop Thangavelu?

How many of y'all here have heard that he gets his kicks from torturing people and from generally being a not nice person? Well, that's what I've heard as well. But here's a little bit of information about him that I don't think most people know.

It turns out that back when he was a wee lad, 17 or 18 or somewhere there, he was a misfit in school (I won't mention the school coz too many people will be offended) and was so upset that no one liked him that he popped some pills one day and tried to commit suicide. According to hospital records he was almost successful. He was in a coma and apparently brain dead for 2 hours, says one schoolmate who was there at the hospital.

But then, because some madass doctor refused to give up, he came back to life. Dude, maybe they expeimented on him and did all kinds of anal shit to him! Like in the X-Files!

And now he's our Deputy Inspector General of Police (or is he ex-DIG? After all I am an armchair gossip. You really can't expect me to check things like that).

So anyways, when I heard this story, I was thinking to myself, he's a known felon. Attempted suicide is a felony! and you can go to prison for it! So our DIG is a criminal! And he made his way up through the ranks of the Police being a criminal all the time. Don't they do background checks in that institution?

Oh my god!!! What else have our cops been upto? Any more rapists, paedos and the likes in there? How can we trust basket cases like Thangavelu to police the country?

So, next time a cop stops you and says 'Can I see some ID' say 'Can I see your police record?'

Hey Morg - don't you think this would be a great idea for a doco - you know something along the lines of
- is it an Alien, a Madman or a Sri Lankan Policeman!!!
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